Anna meets the sewing machine

April 28, 2008

Hello again. Today I had an inquiry from someone in Lithuania, regarding this hat. what fun it would be to know this hat was alive and well and living in Lithuania. But, I promised to explain how I met the sewing machine. After being hopelessly inspired by the milliner in Toronto, I set off on…

a brief history of a hat maker

April 11, 2008

Hello again, For those of you that tuned in to my last entry , I would like to continue with the brief history of a hat maker, but first I need to take care of the business of linking my web sites to this blog, so here goes…. and Now, where were we?So,…

My very first entry

April 9, 2008

Hello and welcome to a day in the life of The Hat Junkie. I hope to provide you with a glimpse into the life of a hat maker, a.k.a milliner. My obsession with hats began at 19 years of age (21 years ago) I was visiting my aunt in Montreal and we went to beautiful…