Confident Sweater Knitting and Pattern Reading- 8 week course- Basic Knitting required


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This class takes place over 8 Fridays September 22nd-November 10th, 10am-12:30pm.
Can you knit, but are afraid of knitting a sweater? Did you already knit a sweater that came out way too big or way too small? Then this is the workshop for you. In this class you will learn the skills to knit a sweater that you love and fits your body well. In the first few classes we will be knitting lots of swatches, learning how to properly calculate gauge, how to confidently choose yarns, and how to modify a pattern to suit your body.
Knitting patterns are just like recipes. A confident cook knows that it’s ok to add more garlic if you like garlic and a confident knitter knows that it’s ok to add more ribbing if you like ribbing, or make the sweater longer, or shorter, or change the neckline, or add short rows.

After a couple lessons I will help you choose a pattern and yarn and then we will work on our individual sweaters together. Each class will begin with a lesson and then I will be there for you as you knit your sweaters to help you with specific challenges.

The class does not include the cost of materials. Unless you already have a sweater’s quantity of yarn, please be prepared to invest in yarn and knitting needles. This does not need to break the bank. There are wonderful budget friendly yarns available.
I’m looking forward to knitting with you and helping you become confident knitters. I’ll put the coffee on.


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