Cotton Canvas Cloche Hat- Sky Blue with pink speckles – Franny- Made to Order


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Franny is the perfect everyday walk through the town, country or garden kind of hat. It is made from hand dyed cotton canvas and lined with a thinner cotton. Each hat is made to order, so be sure to let me know your head size. (instructions below). Please provide me with your actual head size and I will make the hat a tiny bit bigger. This hat is best worn with a bit of ease, so that it stays cool in the sun. Because the hat is quite deep it will not want to blow off your head.

The flowers on the hat are held on with two pin backs, so the flowers can be moved around the hat or you can wear the hat plain and wear the flowers as a brooch. I can make these pansies in many different colours, so please ask if you would like a different colour.

This hat is meant to be played with. It looks quite cute with the brim detail turned to the side or strait to the front. To wash the hat simply remove the flowers and hand wash in cool water.

Measuring Instructions:

To measure your head, take a soft tape measure and measure just above the eyebrows, above the tips of the ears and around the largest part of the back of your head. Try to not let the tape measure swoop down towards your neck. If you don’t have a soft tape measure you can use a string and then carefully measure the string. Repeat this a few times to be sure that you keep getting the same number.


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