Denim Cap- Cowboys- size medium (22.5″-23.5″)- Ready to Ship


vintage style patchwork denim cap with bark cloth.

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This Patchwork denim cap is made from 27 small pieces of upcycled denim and vintage fabric scraps. I have a passion for keeping textiles out of landfill. It is these little pieces of fabric, leftover from larger sewing projects, that often make their way into our waste stream. In the fashion industry it is not profitable to take the extra time to work from these small oddly shaped pieces of fabric, but as a small independent designer I can take the time to work this way.

This cap has an elasticized back. It also has a beautiful lining made of a silk/cotton blend.

The style of the cap is a cross between a cloche hat and a baseball cap. The brim can be turned up to create a different look.

If requested, I can sew two buttons on the side of the visor to hold a mask.

Here are my measuring instructions:
To measure your head, take a soft tape measure and measure just above the eyebrows, above the tips of the ears and around the largest part of the back of your head. Try to not let the tape measure swoop down towards your neck. If you don’t have a soft tape measure you can use a string and then carefully measure the string. Repeat this a few times to be sure that you keep getting the same number.


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