Denim Headband- Mask Holding- Upcycled, Repurposed- Monsters in love


Repurposed handmade denim headband. flapper style.

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This turban style headband is made from upcycled denim jeans. It seems that Grandmama hat is right when she used every last bit of fabric. Finding new uses for old textiles is a great way to keep fabric out of landfill.

The buttons on the side of the headband are perfect for holding on a mask.

The inside of the headband is lined with a soft organic cotton and hemp fleece. This fabric is very breathable, but when the headband is pulled over the ears it will help keep the wind out. The headband is joined by a small piece of elastic which gives it a bit of flexibility and stretch. The headband will fit an average head size.

Each headband is one of a kind, but I can custom make one to fit your head size (large or small).
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