Pink Cabled Hat- Canadian Wool, naturally dyed- Size Medium


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Grey winter skies are beautifully offset with a pink cabled hat. The light pink was naturally dyed using Avocado pits. This fancied tuque hat was hand knit from Canadian wool. It is quite soft. Cables, bobbles, a two colour I-cord, a felted flower and embroidery, this hat has all the details.

The hat will fit a medium to large head size. It does come down quite low to cover the ears, so if you are someone who finds hats fall over your eyes then this version is probably not the one for you.

Please do let me know your head size. The hat will work for a 22.5-23.5″ Head size. If your head falls into the larger end of the spectrum I will reblock the hat before shipping.

To measure your head, take a soft tape measure and measure just above the eyebrows, above the tips of the ears and around the largest part of the back of your head. Try to not let the tape measure swoop down towards your neck. If you don’t have a soft tape measure you can use a string and then carefully measure the string. Repeat this a few times to be sure that you keep getting the same number.


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