Quilting Cap- Houndstooth- Upcycled Coat


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The quilting Cap is made from beautiful woven wool. This particular fabric was rescued from a beautiful wool coat that was beyond repair. a. I felted the fabric to create a warmer and thicker hat. As is, the hat will sit just over the tips of the ears, but I can also make this hat a bit shallower if requested. The hat is lined with a silk/cotton blend and feels luxuriously soft next to the forehead.

This is a wonderful every day hat…a grab and go, walk the dog while looking adorable kind of hat.

Each hat is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.

SIZING- Providing me with a head size is very important. Here are my measuring instructions:
To measure your head, take a soft tape measure and measure just above the eyebrows, above the tips of the ears and around the largest part of the back of your head. Try to not let the tape measure swoop down towards your neck. If you don’t have a soft tape measure you can use a string and then carefully measure the string. Repeat this a few times to be sure that you keep getting the same number.

Here’s a guide to let you know if you have measured properly…Small head sizes will run between 21″-21.75″. Medium head sizes run between 22″-22.5″ Large head sizes will be above 22.5″-23.5″. xl head sizes run from 23.5″-24.5″.
Heads can also be smaller or larger than these numbers.

In general, people with very small or very large head sizes know they don’t fit in a store bought hat, so if that’s not you and you are measuring small or large then chances are you need to measure again.


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