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A Packable Cloche Hat and Other Life Tales.

Hello, Happy end of April. One day I will make my peace with the month of April, but not yet. For now I am happy to be heading into the beautiful month of May and I have made just the hat to celebrate. This is my new Maude cloche hat. I’m really excited about this…

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A Hat to Take a Walk in

I don’t always know what draws me to design a particular hat until I am several hats into my new obsession. As Lego and I walked this morning through Lunenburg, Lego leading the way, it dawned on me that the new Franny hat on my head was the perfect walking hat. You can see the…

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New Hats and New Thoughts

Hello, hello! Seems that I have done it again. I have let far too much time go by before reaching out. I searched my book of excuses and the one that seems most honest is…Slow. I’m just slow at everything. And as I approach my 53rd birthday I am finally coming to terms with the…

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