A Hat Shop Minute

Hello, from pretty Lunenburg. As you can see from the above photo, I am open for business. I mustered up everything I learned about painting in Kindergarten and made an open sign. People often look confused when standing in my driveway trying to decide if they are in the right place or not. Hopefully, this little arrow will help.

I realize there is quite a lot to look at in the first photo…my handmade skirt, sweater, socks, the paint falling off my house. But what I really want you to look at is the hat (no surprise there). I just made this one a couple of days ago. Her name is Audrey, as in Audrey Hepburn. My original idea was a big hat band with an oversized bow, but my hats tend to be very opinionated and she let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I was to keep it simple. I really love the hemp braid. It’s very flexible which makes the hat perfect for travelling or a trip to the beach. The brim can be flipped up or down. You can see more details HERE.

I just made this Maude Hemp braid hat for Carole in Ilinois. Also a wonderful travel hat. I’m so excited that this one is heading to a wedding in London. If only I could fit in the suitcase. I have been filming these little one minute in the hat shop videos. You can see a very abridged version of the making of this hat below…

And here’s a Nellie Jane seagrass hat that I made for Julie in Ontario. Have I mentioned that I have the sweetest customers. I really mean that. The ladies that end up supporting my hat making addiction are always the nicest people. It’s like I am attracting goodness. Whatever the reason, I am so grateful for your support. I also made a little minute in the hat shop video for this one. I’m quite proud of these little videos. I hope you enjoy them.

Well, I best get back to the studio. I hope you are taking the time to enjoy the fleeting gifts of summer. Like this little miracle from my garden…


  1. Joyce Shepherd on June 24, 2023 at 1:04 pm

    I love your hats, was going to come see you when you wrote someone you knew had COVID. Hope to see you soon. Loved the video you did an excellent job. Joyce

  2. Julie Filion on July 1, 2023 at 8:05 pm

    Congratulations on these fine videos, Anna. It’s a treat to see some moments and gestures in a hat’s creation, a glimpse of your magic. My Nellie Jane hat being featured makes the experience all the more touching. I tip my hat to you for the perfect music selections, spot on for each hat.