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Fade free Hats, Indigo Love and Smoke

Hello from smokey Nova Scotia. While many people to the west and east of me have lost their homes or have been evacuated due to the wild fires, life in Lunenburg has been relatively normal….other than wind directions sometimes causing bad air quality. This is a very small province, so it really isn’t possible to…

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Cat on Lap While Knitting Hats

Finally, the weather is cooling down. The hand knit sweater collection is coming out of the drawers fast and furious. Much to my dismay, Devito (aka Devi) the kitten has a thing for buttons, so my cardigans have become easy prey. I have tried to cure him of this dastardly predilection, but it seems there…

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All Your Beautiful Faces

Hello Everyone, I have missed you. As you may know, I took the radical step of deleting my social media accounts. Was it a month ago…two months ago? At first it felt very awkward. With twitching fingers, I kept picking up my phone, trying to find an app to open. There are only so many…

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