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Spring Has Sprung

Hello, hello, I just wanted to pop in here to let people know that Spring returned. Isn’t it amazing? How do those buds know to open? I was just beginning to feel forsaken by Mother Nature when the crocuses and daffodils started appearing. In Nova Scotia, one never fully puts their winter clothes away, but…

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A Hat Making Demonstration and Lots of Chatter

Hello again, Thanks for tuning in. Last I left you, I was off to visit family in Toronto. Nothing like being air lifted out of your everyday reality to help one contemplate life. One little trip, so many conclusions. More on that later, but first I have a video for you. I thought you might…

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All Your Beautiful Faces

Hello Everyone, I have missed you. As you may know, I took the radical step of deleting my social media accounts. Was it a month ago…two months ago? At first it felt very awkward. With twitching fingers, I kept picking up my phone, trying to find an app to open. There are only so many…

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