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Lots of Charlotte Hats and a Turquoise Love Affair

Hello from beautiful Lunenburg. Today I offer you world respite in the form of a turquoise hat. Before I begin my turquoise tale, I will let you know that I have a batch of Charlotte hats ready to meet their heads and if listening to me wax eloquent about turquoise is not your cup of…

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Hats for sunny days.

I told myself I would write a new blog post when the Lupins were in bloom. Well, the Lupins are just on their way out, but better late than never. (Not to worry. I did get a pretty photo.) Before we get to pretty flowers we need to talk about this hat. Currently, this is…

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A Hat Making Demonstration and Lots of Chatter

Hello again, Thanks for tuning in. Last I left you, I was off to visit family in Toronto. Nothing like being air lifted out of your everyday reality to help one contemplate life. One little trip, so many conclusions. More on that later, but first I have a video for you. I thought you might…

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